How to Reverse Skin Ageing: Supplements backed by Science

Skin Ageing Supplements

Ageing is not our skin’s best friend. Over time, cellular regeneration becomes increasingly slower and imperfect, resulting in the accumulation of un repaired damage, leading to signs of aging, such as wrinkles, sagging, and a loss of radiance. However, it’s possible to slow down the formation of wrinkles and make them less noticeable. While many supplements claim to improve skin health, only a few truly deliver. Let's explore some of the best Skin supplements that stand out in clinical studies and are supported by robust scientific research.

Hyaluronic Acid (Oral)

Hyaluronic acid is a key component of the skin, surrounding our skin cells and providing structural support by forming a gel-like matrix. It holds vast amounts of water, keeping the skin plump and moisturized. Unfortunately, as we age, our body's hyaluronic acid levels diminish significantly. For example, a 75-year-old has about 75% less hyaluronic acid in their skin compared to a 19-year-old.

Topical hyaluronic acid can only do so much, forming a moisture-retaining layer on the skin’s surface. However, taking hyaluronic acid orally has been shown to be far more effective. Studies have demonstrated that orally ingested hyaluronic acid can be broken down in the gut, absorbed into the bloodstream, and transported to the skin. This not only helps reduce wrinkle size but also improves skin suppleness, moisture, and radiance. Remarkably, some scientists believe that hyaluronic acid in the bloodstream can activate mechanisms that increase collagen production in the skin. Additionally, components of hyaluronic acid have been shown to extend lifespan in scientific studies.

Calcium Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AKG)

Alpha-ketoglutarate (AKG) is a natural substance used by the mitochondria in our cells to produce energy. As we age, the levels of AKG in our bodies decrease. AKG supports stem cell health, including the skin’s stem cells that generate new skin cells and melanocytes, the cells responsible for hair pigmentation. This explains why longevity studies in mice showed significantly less hair greying and longer lifespans when AKG was supplemented.

 AKG is also crucial for collagen synthesis, a key protein that maintains skin structure and firmness. After age 20, our skin produces about 1% less collagen each year. By age 60, this reduction is around 40%. Supplementing with AKG not only impacts collagen synthesis, thereby reducing signs of aging, but also increases lifespan and health span by mitigating aging-related diseases and symptoms.


Glycine is a naturally occurring amino acid that plays a vital role in cardiovascular and metabolic health. As we age, glycine levels decrease, impacting collagen production since glycine is an essential component of collagen. Inadequate glycine can lead to decreased collagen generation, causing the skin to sag and form wrinkles.

 Moreover, glycine improves mitochondrial function in skin cells, providing them with the energy needed to function properly. It also helps protect skin cells from the accumulation of proteins, a factor contributing to ageing. Supplementing glycine can therefore help maintain skin’s youthful appearance by ensuring efficient collagen production and cellular energy metabolism.


Spermidine has been a point of focus for age reversal and life extension research for quite a while. First researched for its role in a cellular process called autophagy, which is needed for the renewal and optimal function of cells. Being able to stimulate autophagy in skin cells means it can assist in eliminating waste or damaged elements within the skin, resulting in rejuvenation of signs of aging and ultimate skin health.

Ageing is not our skin’s best friend. Over time, cellular regeneration becomes increasingly slower and imperfect, resulting in the accumulation of unrepaired damage, leading to signs of aging, such as wrinkles, sagging, and a loss of radiance. Spermidine counteracts the decline in regeneration of skin cells by activating cellular autophagy and facilitating the removal of damaged cells and matter. It helps to rejuvenate the skin at the most fundamental level and bolsters its resistance to environmental damage, combating ageing from multiple fronts.

Marine Collagen

Marine collagen is a type of collagen derived from fish and other marine sources. It is known for its high bioavailability, meaning it is easily absorbed by the body. Marine collagen is rich in amino acids, particularly glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline, which are essential for maintaining skin elasticity and hydration. These amino acids stimulate the production of new collagen fibers, helping to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Additionally, marine collagen supports the skin’s structure and can improve overall skin texture and firmness, making it a popular ingredient in anti-aging skincare products. Its ability to enhance skin health and promote a youthful appearance makes marine collagen a valuable addition to any skincare regimen.

Improve Your Skin from the Inside Out

When formulating Ageless You, we meticulously reviewed thousands of scientific studies on longevity, aging, health span, and skin health. Among the numerous ingredients found in skin health supplements, hyaluronic acid, alpha-ketoglutarate, and glycine stood out for their scientifically proven benefits.

That’s why we included these powerful ingredients in our Daily and Skin supplements. Ageless You not only helps slow down aging but also works to make your skin look younger by reducing wrinkles and improving radiance.