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A Note from our Founder

Die Young as late as possible! I launched this business out of sheer necessity! In my early 50’s I started to feel the effects of ageing as my energy levels and vitality stared to dive. I pondered- wouldn't it be awesome to transform the way I age and look younger, feel younger and think younger.

And so, during the long months of covid lockdowns, I did a deep dive into working out how I could age better and feel younger. I was on a quest to discover how I could live, eat and exercise to increase my healthspan. This deep dive turned into a 3 year quest of research and interventions. In addition to lifestyle hacks, I turned to supplements , not any supplements but science backed specific anti-ageing molecules. I slowly started to feel vibrant and young again. Friends started to notice and asked what I took. Like me, they weren’t thrilled about taking up to 15 capsules and day and going to 6 various websites to source the best science backed ingredients.

So I got to work, collaborating with many experts to formulate a product that simplified the complex, was backed by science and was easy to take. I'm genuinely thrilled for you to embark on this journey of making longevity a priority so you can feel, look and love your absolute best.

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