Spermidine: a physiological autophagy inducer acting as an anti-ageing vitamin in humans? Authors: Madeo F, Bauer MA, Carmona-Gutierrez D, Kroemer G  2019

This study discusses spermidine's role as a potential anti-ageing compound, focusing on its ability to induce autophagy, a process that degrades and recycles cellular components, which may underlie its anti-ageing effects. Link to Study

Novel aspects of age-protection by spermidine supplementation are associated with preserved telomere length. Wirth A, Wolf B, Huang CK, et al. 2021

This research found that spermidine supplementation in a study population led to preserved telomere length, which is associated with reduced cellular ageing and may thereby contribute to increased healthspan and lifespan. Link to Study

The autophagy enhancer spermidine reverses arterial ageing. Authors**: LaRocca TJ, Gioscia-Ryan RA, Hearon CM Jr, Seals DR 2013

This study demonstrates that spermidine supplementation can reverse ageing-related arterial stiffness, an effect believed to be mediated through the enhancement of autophagy Link to Study

Spermidine in health and disease. Authors**: Madeo F, Eisenberg T, Pietrocola F, Kroemer G. 2018

This review covers a broad range of spermidine's effects, emphasizing its potential benefits in health and disease, including its roles in extending healthspan and lifespan. Link to Study

Safety and tolerability of spermidine supplementation in mice and older adults with subjective cognitive decline.

This study explores the safety and tolerability of spermidine supplementation, suggesting its potential benefits in cognitive health, which is crucial for a comprehensive approach to ageing. Link to Study