The Power of Low Molecular Weight Marine Collagen Supplements

  • SKIN Marine Collagen Powder uses Low Molecular Weight Marine Collagen Peptides which is superior to other forms of collagen as it can be absorbed more effectively internally than other forms of collagen. Beauty at its most potent.
  • Supercharged with 3 other potent ingredients that have been scientifically proven to reduce support skin elasticity and hydration while reducing fine lines.
  • Plus internally supports joints, ligaments and cartilage

Why Supplement with Marine Collagen?

As we age, our natural collagen levels decrease, leading to weaker hair and nails, thinner and drier skin, and the onset of sagging and wrinkles. Incorporating a Marine Collagen Peptides supplement into your diet can help slow down the aging process, giving you a radiant youthful glow.

Unlike regular collagen, which has larger molecules, Low Molecular Weight Marine Collagen Peptidesare broken down into smaller, more easily absorbed molecules, meaning you need less to achievegreat results! The Marine Collagen in our products is backed by scientific research, showingeffectiveness in doses as low as 2500mg.


Benefits of Marine Collagen Powder you can expect to see after:

6-8 weeks
  • More hydrated and glowing skin.
  • Stronger hair and nails.
  • Increased energy.
3-6 months
  • Smoother appearance of lines and wrinkles.
  • Improved joint wellbeing
9+ Months
  • Firmer skin.
  • Enhanced overall youthfulness.
  • May reduce biological age.

The Goodness Within

Each 10gm serve contains:

  • Marine Collagen Peptides: 5500mg
  • Vitamin C: 125mg
  • Hyaluronic Acid: 200mg
  • Silica: 200mg

Contains Vanilla Flavour


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